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Eyelash Extensions - Blink

Eyelash extensions make it possible to improve the appearance of the eyes without expensive makeup and creams.
Blink provide thick lashes that appear to curl upwards and dramatically enlarge the eyes and highlight their beauty.

We provide the highest quality eyelash extensions from the BLINK boutique.
Blink Lashes take about 90 minutes to apply, and reduce or eliminate altogether the need for mascara.

These extensions are placed directly on the natural lashes, extending them and creating flexible curls with natural bounce. Eyelash extensions last for 6-8 weeks.

We do both full extensions and refills.

Full set - €80
Refills -
2 weeks - €20
3 weeks - €30
4 weeks - €35
5 weeks - €40

Blink Eyelash Extensions   Before and After