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Eyelash & eyebrow tinting will enhance the general appearance of your eyes and is particularly beneficial for people who participate in sporting activities, especially swimming.

Perfectly shaped eyebrows enhance your features and frame your face. We will help you find the perfect eyebrow shape for your features to enhance your look.

Ms Skincare Beauty Salon can help define the length, shape and arch of your eyebrows and lashes and everything will be taken into consideration when professionally shaping and tinting.


• Defines the shape of your brows and lashes
• “Lifts” the look of your eyes and enhances your features
• Results in a clean, groomed look
• Shape will be customized for your unique features

A patch test will be required 48 hours before eyelash tint or wax.

Eyebrow tint - €8
Eyebrow shape - €8
Eyebrow wax - €8
Eyelash tint - €10
Eyebrow tint & shape - €15
Eye combo - €20

Love your eyes